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80% discount on Windows 10 (€ 13) and Office (€ 16)

Want an 80% discount on Windows 10 (€ 13) and Office (€ 16)? Due to coronavirus, we still spend a lot of time at home. Some people are forced to take a "sudden vacation" while others work remotely. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " We spend a lot more time online than usual. Of course, sometimes there will be problems such as malfunction Internet, purchase keys for games, programs, etc.

80% discount on Windows 10 (€ 13) and Office (€ 16)
80% discount on Windows 10 (€ 13) and Office (€ 16)

The CDKeysales.com specializes in providing various digital codes for the latest and most popular products. Its prices CDKeysales are unbeatable, combined with direct delivery through a unique automated system, can provide quality services.

The CDKeysales online store has ten years of experience in marketing, customer service, trust and a high level of service, which is the foundation of the company's survival. The range of CDKeysales varies from steam keys and cards up PlayStation Network digital codes used for games / plug-in computers and software keys.

Of course, this service is promoted regularly and sometimes you can find products at very low prices. Use the discount code SEC18 and enjoy reduced prices!

For example, you can buy the Windows 10 operating system at a very reasonable price.

Window 10 Pro OEM- € 13

Windows 10 Home Scan € 14

Window 10 Pro (2 PC) € 19

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition LTSC- € 12.7

For those who are forced to work from home, they should pay close attention to the recommended Microsoft Office software package. Office 2019 and Office 2016 come at reasonable prices. For those who have just bought a personal computer, the Windows 10 and Office 2016 package is an offer that suits you.

Microsoft 365 Account 1 Device 1 Year - € 16

Microsoft 365 Account 5 Devices 1 Year - € 24

Office 2019 Home And Student- € 28

Office 2016 Professional Plus - € 41

Office 2019 Professional Plus- € 30

SecNews visitors can enjoy additional discounts. If you enter a special PING offer code when placing an order, you will receive an additional 18% discount on all purchases (SEC18).

Windows 10 + Office

Window 10 Pro + Office 2016 Pro - € 52

Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 Pro - € 36

On our CDKeysales.com you can find many products at reduced prices. We recommend that you regularly monitor the online store and current and future discounts. Don't miss the opportunity. It is also worth remembering that in addition to the software, the store sells games such as AAA projects, Steam gift cards, PlayStation Store, iTunes, Google Play etc.

* For any questions or clarifications regarding licenses, as well as for any issue that may arise, you can contact the customer service of CDKeysales.com, in order to be served immediately by a company representative. It is also noted that the choice of Paypal as the preferred method of payment is appropriate, as it is a cross-border transaction that may be blocked by the bank. In this case, communication should be made with the respective body / bank, in order for the payment process to proceed.


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