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iOS 13.5 Apple: Does Face ID Recognize You Even When You Wear a Mask?

Apple's Face ID now makes life easier with a mask: Η Apple released the upgraded versions of iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5. Updates include bug fixes and user-friendly improvements, with features related to corona, such as Face ID and Exposure Notification API.

Face ID
Apple's Face ID now makes life easier with a mask

Face ID changes aim to improve face recognition when using a mask and a faster unlock when not done identification. This is definitely a feature that will make the daily life of the users easier, since the use of a mask is now necessary.

With the new one software, when Face ID fails to make the recognition, it will immediately ask you for the password, unlike the previous version, which made several attempts until it entered the password entry.

The second function concerns the much-discussed reports of exposure to corona (Exposure Notification API). Apple had announced earlier this year its partnership with Google to develop this capability, watching user contacts to help healthcare professionals build applications that will help fight COVID-19.

iOS 13.5 Apple: Does Face ID Recognize You Even When You Wear a Mask?
Apple's Face ID now makes life easier with a mask

When reporting alerts are enabled, they allow you to receive notifications when you come in contact with people who have diagnosed with the corona. In case you have done the test yourself and it has turned out positive, it provides others with this information anonymously, so that they are notified and protected. Activation is done through Settings, you choose Confidential> Health> COVID – 19 Report Record. However if you do not install an authorized public application sanitary principle, the alert function will remain disabled. At this time, we do not know of any other APIs applicationsHowever, after the release of this upgrade, government applications in more than 22 countries have shown interest in participating.

Updates that include upgrade Face ID and report alerts are already available, and you can install them by opening them. Settings. You find the section Generally and you choose Software update.


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