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Microsoft Edge Chromium for Linux: Its first appearance?

Microsoft has chosen the virtual conference Build 2020 to announce some of its long-awaited features and improvements WSL. Of course, in addition to the data that Microsoft decided to share, information also leaked from users. According to rumors, these users found Microsoft engineers using an unreleased version of Edge Chromium for Linux.

Microsoft Edge Chromium for Linux: Its first appearance?
Edge Chromium for Linux: His "first appearance"

Her intentions Microsoft products, for the development of Linux version of the Edge Chromium browser, were first revealed in 2019. The company then conducted a survey asking developers what requirements a browser has, while confirming that Edge for Linux in progress. Of course, there are views that argue that this is just another "skin”Of Chromium.

Although the company's announcements included Edge Chromium, there was no mention of Linux. At least now there is no doubt that Edge for Linux exists and will be available for use at some point.

Edge Chromium for Linux: His "first appearance"

Following the failure of Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge, in another attempt to gain market share, Microsoft released the Chromium-based Edge this year. Of course, no one expected the Linux version to be mentioned, as Microsoft is trying to incorporate it into every software. The list of platforms also includes the good old ones Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, which could not support the upgrade of the older Edge browser. For those who don't know, the Edge Chromium will be announced for Windows 7 later this year, although its upgrades have expired.

These new features of the Edge do not lack its improved functions Pinterest. Microsoft has activated the "Collection" integration on Pinterest, which will allow users to export data from their Collection directly to their account. There will also be a side search box, which will make it easier to use browser and will allow users to find information without having to leave the website. Updates will be available in the coming weeks on the channels Edge Insider.

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