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Google Chrome: The 7 new features of the biggest update of 2020

Η Google An update for Chrome has been released, which is one of the biggest updates of the famous browser, as it brought many new features.

The new Google Chrome 83 comes with many privacy features and user interface improvements. The big update of the browser in a single update is due to the fact that Chrome 82 was canceled due to its pandemic. coronavirus.

Let's look at the list of new features of the Chrome 83 version:

1. Tab Groups

The new Tab Groups feature will not release the large amount of memory that chrome is known to use, but it will definitely make things more organized. Tab Groups allows users to group multiple tabs with a single tag. A user can also change the color of the tab.

Google Chrome: The 7 new features of the biggest update of 2020

2. Improved browser security

Google's secure browsing feature protects users from known malicious websites and downloads. Chrome has now announced the possibility of allowing safe browsing to provide real-time protection.

Before you visit an "unusual" site or download a file, Google will share additional information with secure browsing to check for malicious activity. The result, of course, is that you will send browser search information to the browser, which is why feature this is optional.

You will find the option in the section privacy and safety in Chrome settings.

3. Exclude third-party cookies

While some browsers monitor your data in anonymous browsing mode, others try to protect it. The Chrome 83 has the option to block all of them third-party cookies in anonymous browsing mode.

4. Delete cookies per site

A feature that was already available to its users Firefox was finally added to Google Chrome. Users can now delete them of a single website as opposed to being forced to delete all cookies at the same time.


5. Extension button

In the new version of Chrome 83, the extensions are under a single icon in the browser toolbar. However, users can pin their favorite extensions to the toolbar.

6. Security check

As the name implies, Google often performs security checks to see if everything is working properly. Chrome's new feature checks if the browser is running the latest update, if passwords have been compromised, and how secure browsing is enabled. It also considers the possibility of the user performing an malicious extension.

7. DNS-over-HTTPS

Despite the controversy, Google eventually activated the DNS-over-HTTPS protocol. For those who don't know, the protocol encrypts them DNS queries, which have been running as plain text to date and disguise them as normal HTTPS traffic.

Users will find the protocol settings in the browser's complex settings.

For information on the latest version of Chrome, just click on the Chrome menu - Help - About Google Chrome - let the browser search for updates - restart after information.



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