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COVID-19: Almost 100% immune response in patients who have recovered!

While the pandemic COVID-19 affects a large number of countries around the world, the search for one vaccine to eliminate the virus continues at an intensive pace. Information has often been circulating about the development of vaccines, which raises optimism that the virus may soon come to an end. Recently, two researchers measured the immune response in 20 patients with COVID-19 disease and found some interesting results. They found that almost 100% of the patient's immune system was activated and successfully produced antibodies. In addition, the T-cells, which are the main cellular components of the adaptive immune response, readily recognize COVID-19 protein-peptide molecules under laboratory conditions. This indicates a healthy immune system in those who have successfully recovered from Coronation.

The researchers, Dr. Biol. Sci. from the Infectious Diseases Research Center and Vaccines, along with Dr. Shane Crotty, of the Lo Jolla Institute for Immunology, published their findings in a new work. They conducted it research in 20 patients with COVID-19 who had shown normal signs of recovery. It is important that patients do not suffer from the additional complications known to cause COVID-19. The researchers wanted to create a reference point for the normal performance of the immune system to compare future cases. In their study, they found that in 100% of patients with COVID-19, the immune system reacted with antibodies and CD4 T-cells. The researchers also found that 70% of patients had developed CD8 T-cells, which are necessary for destruction of cancer or viral infections.

These results are very important for researchers, as they now know the immune response when COVID-19 "attacks". So this will help them doctors and researchers in development a vaccine for the virus that can cause an equally strong reaction. The researchers also explained why there is such a different immune response to the COVID-19 virus in humans. Given the severity of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, any degree of immunity to the virus could have a very significant impact on the overall course of the pandemic. Finally, the researchers point out that the fact that a patient has had a mild or severe illness could explain the various flat immune responses in one piece population. However, more research is needed to draw clearer conclusions.


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