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FBI: Access to Pensacola's iPhone shooter-Al Qaeda links found

Pensacola iPhone shooter

The FBI acquired access in two locked iPhone of "Pensacola shooter" and discovered collaboration with Al Qaeda. All this without the help of Apple.

The FBI Director, Chris Wray, criticized Apple for not helping them researchers to unlock the two Appliances. Wray said the entire process of unlocking the two iPhones of the terrorist took four months and a lot of money.

The Justice Department said that after the FBI's success, they were able to connect him Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, the Pensacola shooter, with a group of her Al Qaeda, which operates in the Arabian Peninsula.

Alshamrani killed three American soldiers and wounded eight others December 6 2019, at Pensacola Airport, before he was killed by locals authorities.

"We now have a clearer picture of Alshamrani's connections and activities in the years, months and days before attackAttorney General William P. Barr said today.

An anti-terrorist operation targeting one of Ashamrani's associates has been set up.

Al Qaeda FBI

The FBI criticizes it Apple

However, the FBI director said the investigation could have progressed much faster if the Apple had assisted FBI technicians. Wray said that despite the President's orders Trump as well as Attorney General Barr, the Apple had not cooperated with the researchers.

"Apple has decided to design its phones in such a way that only the user can unlock the content, regardless of the circumstances. […] Apple's desire to provide protection to customers it is understandable, but not at any cost "said Wray.

The FBI director believed that "technology companies are able to build secure products that protect users and, at the same time, allow law enforcement authorities to have access when ordered by a judge ”.

He also said that "technology companies that strongly support 'warrant-proof encryption' are hypocrites as they are willing to help authoritarian regimes if they serve their business interests."

"For example, it has been widely reported that Apple has partnered with both the Chinese Communist Party and the Russian regime. to relocate centers data"to enable mass surveillance by these governments," Wray said.

Wray argued that if Apple were willing to help authoritarian regimes, then it should help law enforcement.

However, Apple has denied any wrongdoing. In January, Apple said it responded immediately to the FBI's request information to researchers.

That could be another power game on the part of the Department of Justice in its fight against the American companies that oppose the request for legal backdoors on their products.

The Justice Department and the FBI had asked U.S. tech companies to add one more. backdoor encryption since 2015, although they have products that could break the encryption of iPhone devices.


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