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Home security Public cameras can't watch us because of masks!

Public cameras can't watch us because of masks!

London's face recognition cameras are now difficult to operate, as citizens' faces are covered with masks due to pandemic.

However, concerns that widespread espionage erodes privacy and civil rights did not prevent the United Kingdom from supporting monitoring technology. In fact, last year during a test, the passengers of King Cross train station did not hesitate to react, which was monitored by cameras, without their consent, with the result that the Information Commissioner investigated the matter. Commissioner Elizabeth Denham then described the issue as "a potential threat to private privacy that should concern us all". Police also conducted tests at busy locations in order to use it face recognition technology to locate criminals.

Monitoring through public cameras is impossible due to masks!

According to research conducted by Big Brother Watch, face recognition deviates by more than 90%, and according to the rights group, thousands of people have been misdiagnosed.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. China.

Many lawmakers have called for the removal of face recognition cameras, at least until a law on such technology is drafted. In a recent letter, lawmakers Caroline Pidgeon and Sian Berry to Dame Cressida Dick, a police commissioner, clearly questioned the circulation of the face recognition, arguing that it was unreliable and that it violated the political freedoms of Londoners.

Public cameras: They can't watch us because of masks

"Apart from the inaccuracy, we are concerned that there are no laws, regulations or discussions in Parliament that include face recognition. Therefore this technology it has no national guidelines or regulations governing its use. We both believe that the way in which face recognition is used and developed in London is wrong and that it will have a big impact on political freedoms if it is not used responsibly and with democratic consent. "

All of this may not have affected the authorities to remove the cameras, or pandemic but he seems to be doing it. Naturally, reconnaissance technology makes it even more difficult to identify civilians, as they now have to use masks to reduce the number of cases, and police are reportedly considering suspending the operation of the cameras.


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