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China: Planning measures against American technology companies!

The trade war that has erupted between China and the USA seems to be intensifying even more. With the US already excluding it Huawei, now China in turn plans to take some tough action against US tech companies. In particular, according to a report in the "Global Times", which conveys the beliefs of the Chinese government, China seems to be preparing its own list of "unreliable" companies, which is expected to influence many major US technology companies, including Apple , Cisco, Boeing and Qualcomm.

According to a spokesman for China in the Global Times, the country will take these tough measures in an effort to protect its legal rights if the United States continues to ban key suppliers. chips, including Taiwan-based TSMC, to sell chips to Chinese tech giant. These measures include adding US technology companies to China's list of "unreliable" companies, imposing restrictions or launching investigations into US companies such as Qualcomm, Cisco and Apple, according to Chinese laws and regulations, such as Cybersecurity Review Measures and Anti-monopoly Law, and the suspension of aircraft purchases by Boeing. According to a Chinese official in the Ministry of Commerce last year, company added to the list of "unreliable" companies in China, will be faced with the necessary legal and administrative measures, while the Chinese consumer public will receive the appropriate warnings, so as not to bother or support this company. Therefore, if China does take such measures, it will ban products technology If American companies are sold in China, then that could hurt these companies financially. Beijing's latest threat comes after the US Department of Commerce announced last week that it was blocking the supply of semiconductors, spare parts and designs. processors from US companies in Huawei and its subsidiaries. The move prevents Taiwan-based TSMC from buying US supplies for chips used in phones of Huawei.

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