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Apple: Gradual opening of stores with thermometers and safety measures


In mid-March, the Apple decided to close all its stores outside China "until further notice". It was a necessary move due to its constant spread COVID-19. In a statement released today, "For our customers", η Deirdre O'Brien, Apple CEO gave some information on the company's plans for gradual opening of its stores.

About 100 stores have already started offering them again services according to O'Brien. However, retail stores will now be different due to corona. The spaces will not be full of people. The employees and customers they will have more "their own space" and the service at Genius Bar and throughout the store will be more personalized.

An Apple spokesman added: "We will continue to do so next week gradual and careful opening of their stores USA, with the addition of more than 25 stores in seven states. Although we know that many customers are waiting for the local stores to open, our commitment is to reopen our stores when we are sure that the environment is safe. We miss them customers and we look forward to seeing them again soon. "

The company says that face masks will be so necessary for them employees as well as for customers. In addition, at the entrance of the stores will be done temperature measurement, in combination with some health questions. Apple has also cleaned up all storefronts and products.

store opening

This last point is important, as both employees and customers are constantly touching products and monitors.

As for the different locations, Apple says it monitors them local / national guidelines on health and when the stores are allowed to open. However, there is strong concern about an increase in cases in many areas. In that case, O'Brien says company will reopen stores if necessary. "The decisions we make are not in a hurry," he writes, stressing that opening stores is not permanent. If the conditions demand it, the shops will close again.


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