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Home security Hackers were arrested who were preparing ransomware attacks on hospitals

Hackers were arrested who were preparing ransomware attacks on hospitals

The Romanian authorities they destroyed the plans of one hacking a team preparing for the event ransomware attacks on Romanian hospitals.

Authorities arrested three hackers in Romania and one in Republic of Moldova, while searches were made in their homes.

According to the data collected, the experts reported that the four hackers were members of a hacking team, known as PentaGuard.

Η Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Directorate of Romania (DIICOT) said members of the group were malicious software, such as Trojans and ransomware, tools that allow attacks «Website defacements» and tools for exploitation SQL injection vulnerabilities for violating web servers and theft data.

According to information received by DIICOT, the hacking team was preparing attacks on some Romanian hospitals. The hackers planned to carry out ransomware attacks.

DIICOT - with the help of Romania's secret service office (SRI) - says hackers were planning to send them to hospitals maliciously emails on the subject of COVID-19, to infect computers, yes encrypt files and disrupt hospital activity. The Romanian media reported that hackers were preparing ransomware attacks as a form of protest against the country's quarantine measures for COVID-19.

The suspected members of the hacking team have now been arrested by the Romanian authorities, but their names have not been made public.

According to information provided by the security company KELAThe hacking PentaGuard team has been active since about 2000. Back then, hackers had carried out mass "website defacement" attacks on government and military sites, as well as on its site Microsoft Romania.

In recent years, the hacking-ransomware gang has not attracted the attention of security researchers, but has remained active in hacking forums. It came to the fore again in January 2020, when it was discovered that it was involved in new website defacement attacks.


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