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Sim Swap scams threaten Greek citizens! (Coming soon)

Sim Swap scams have always been one of the biggest threats to internet users. Thieves / swindlers no longer act in the traditional way. They have been transferred - and they in turn - to his world internet.

According to reports, Sim Swap scams have been on the rise in recent months, given the situation pandemic. Both the lockdown, as much as the majority of Greek citizens choose to pay bills, do their shopping and transfer money through internet banking have caught the attention of scammers, who find ways to extract passwords bank accounts.

SecNews conducted a survey to determine the magnitude of the problem, the percentage of Greek citizens who have fallen victim (and let them not understand it), the perpetrators of fraud and fraud Protection measures should be taken by mobile phone providers, banks and you as well users.

Sim Swap scams threaten Greek citizens! (Coming soon)

What are Sim Swap Scams?

Hackers level the access confirmation through two-factor authentication and occupy bank accounts!

The scam exploits the ability of a mobile phone service provider to seamlessly transfer a phone number to a device containing a different subscriber ID (SIM). This feature is usually used when a customer has lost or stolen their phone or wants to transfer a service to a new phone.

The scam starts with a hacker collecting personal information about the victim, or using it phishing email or with the immediate "fishing" of the user.

Once the scammer has received these details, he or she will contact the victim's mobile phone provider. The swindler uses social engineering techniques to persuade the phone company to transfer the victim's phone number to the scammer's SIM card. This is done, for example, falsifying the victim using personal information to make the claim that he has lost his phone appear true.

Once this happens, the victim's phone will lose connection to it network and the scammer will receive all the SMS and voice calls intended for the victim. This allows the scammer to steal them one-time passwords sent via text or phone calls to the victim, and therefore bypass any security features of the accounts (whether they are bank accounts, social media accounts etc.) based on text messages or phone calls.

  • Which "organizations" act as "mules" to transfer money knowingly or unknowingly?
  • Where is the money for the innocent victims transferred? 
  • Who is behind it this huge scam;
  • What countermeasures must be taken mobile phone providers and banks?

SecNews research provides answers to all questions created and will help you pay more attention to your online life and money.

The research is ongoing and we will present the results to you soon.



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