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Linux is the most popular operating system in Microsoft Azure


The latest data released by Adir Ron, who works at Microsoft products, indicate that the Linux is now the most popular operating system on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. In fact, the Linux operating system now accounts for 60% of the Azure market.

According to the data, even the top 100 Microsoft users prefer Linux over other operating systems to grow their work on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This clearly shows the dominance of Linux, which leaves behind Windows.

But as we know, the phrase "Microsoft loves Linux»The battle between Windows and Linux has stopped for a long time. Since then, Microsoft has been working with major players in Linux ecosystems, such as openSUSE and Red Hat, to bring them to Windows platforms via WSL.

The company's move to join forces with Linux is clearly aimed at benefiting both sides. The fact that one goes better than the other in some areas may be discussed, but it is rather unlikely to harm the other.

As more and more users turn to in cloud Computing, Linux has become the operating system most businesses use to run their services on any cloud platform. In particular, talking about the fast-growing Azure cloud platform, Linux is undoubtedly the first and most sought after operating system.

The reason is simple: Linux on Azure provides high security, stability and flexibility. In addition, Linux gives you the freedom to choose the desired operating system from a variety of important Linux distributions such as Red Hat, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux, CentOS and CoreOS.

If we exclude the server part, Windows still enjoys the monopoly in the desktop market, thus balancing the competition. But according to NetMarketShare and Statcounter, it looks like its users Windows 10 have also begun to turn to Linux.

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