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Python: Soon Python apps on Android

Python: Soon Python apps on Android - Thanks to its evolution and rise machine learning, the Python programming language is increasingly used by developers, but has no place - so far - in mobile phones.

Of course, the creator, Guido van Rossum, and some Python developers believe that the applications written in Pythnon may one day be supported in iOS and Android.

Python: Soon Python apps on Android

Russell Keith-Magee, head of BeeWare, is the one who gives hope that Python could come to mobile as well. BeeWare transfers CPython to Android, so applications written in Pythnon run automatically on Android as well. CPython is a reference implementation of the Python open source code and is used in Jython, written in Java and based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

BeeWare's goal is to allow developers to write programs to Python and be able to execute code anywhere using user interface tools (UI). The goal is to help developers write Pythun applications based on the codes running on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, browsers, and tvOS.

In February, Keith-Magee announced the first major foundation for Android operating system after launching a purely Pyth application to run on an Android device. She made the announcement at the Python 2020 conference, which took place online this year pandemic.

However, Python is not designed to be supported by mobile phones. To address this shortcoming, the Pythοn Software Foundation awarded BeeWare $ 50.000 to offset the level of support for Android with iOS tools. The Android CPython connection should support the latest versions of Android, from version 4.4 onwards.

Initially, Beeware's strategy for Android was to turn Python into Java Bytecode, but now the core of Android is more durable and the devices are much faster to support CPython. For ordinary Python developers, the mobile environment is a foreign planet. There are no sub-processes, sockets, conductors and signals behave completely differently than a simple Unix.

The biggest hurdle was the size of Android applications written on Python, because they require their own Python runtime, which means Python had to shrink to be able to get into mobile. The solution suggested by some is to build a "naked core" of Python, which could solve many of the challenges, combined with a pip package that allows developers to install packages for an entire platform instead of one. system only.

“Certificate management TLS on Android is very strange. To pass the CPython test suite on your mobile phone, you must skip many checks that use fork or spawn, signals, or other APIs that are different or missing. ”

According to Ned Deily, Python's chief developer at PSF, there are still many hurdles, such as providing mobile support that will cost a lot more money and require far more people than in any other Pyththn project.



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