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Twitter: Employees will work from home forever

Twitter: Employees will work from home forever: Remote work is set up for Twitter, even after the end of his pandemic coronavirus. According to a company spokesman, CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday briefed officials on the new policy. In fact, he said through e-mail, that Twitter offices will not open before September and that all events scheduled for this year will be canceled.

Twitter: Employees will work from home forever

"The opening of the offices will be our decision. When and if the employees return will be theirs. The last few months have shown that we can do it. So if our employees are in a position that allows them to work from home and want to continue to do so forever, we will support them. If not, our offices will be waiting for them warmly and hospitably, with additional precautions when we consider it safe to return. "

Twitter's new policy is the result of an effort to smoothly reopen businesses, keeping them protection measures and social distances.

Big companies like the FacebookThe Google and Microsoft products, had already made the decision to work remotely and were very careful in planning the return of employees to the offices.

Η Google He informed them that most of them will continue to work from their homes until 2021, while some will return in early summer. Similarly, Facebook will open its offices on July 6, but those who can work remotely will continue.

The long-term plans of the companies to work from home and maintain the proposed safety distance, are in stark contrast to most of the businesses in the rest of the country, where restrictions have begun to decrease and most return to their daily routine. pandemic.


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