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Microsoft: Adds PUA protection to Windows 10!

Microsoft announced the next key version Windows 10 operating system This will include a new security feature that will allow users to enable a feature Windows Defender, which can detect and block the installation of potentially unwanted applications, also known as PUAs. The term PUA, or PUP (probably unwanted program), is one of the lesser known terms for cyber security. Refers to software which is installed on a computer "deceiving" the user, hence the term "probably unwanted". This includes tactics such as grouping an unwanted application with installer a legitimate program or using hidden installations to circumvent user consent. The PUAs category usually includes applications intervening advertisements, applications that monitor users and sell their data to advertisers and applications that change the settings of a browser, install root certificates or disable security checks.

Microsoft Windows 10

Beginning with the announcement of Windows 10 in May 2020, which is set to be released later this month, Microsoft said it has added an option to the Windows 10 settings panel, which allows users to disable the PUA installation. This feature has been in Windows Defender for years, but could only be activated via policies group and not through the Windows user interface. But now, that can be done by going to Start> Settings> Update & Security> Windows Security> App & browser control> Reputation-based protection settings. The feature is disabled, so users will need to enable it manually once they update Windows 10 of May 2020, v2004. Once activated, the feature has two settings. Microsoft recommends that users activate both:

  • The Block downloads looking for PUA as it descends, but only works with the new one Microsoft Edge browser.
  • The Block apps that will detect PUA that a user has already downloaded or installed, so if someone is using a different browser Windows Security may still detect PUA after taking it.

In March 2020, Microsoft also added a similar feature to its Edge browser, which can also detect and block PUA downloads when they occur. This feature is located in Edge: // settings / privacy.


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