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TikTok duet: How can you create a duet with other videos?

TikTok duet: See how you can create a duet with other videos

TikTok duet: For many, TikTok is one of the most interesting SOCIAL MEDIA applications that exist today. In a very short time, h application has significantly increased its users, and is now considered an opponent Facebook, as well as his YouTube.

The best part about TikTok is that interface which allows users to record, manage and upload a video to the platform. The interface is simple and easy to use.

In the various videos in the TikTok feed, there are many duets from different users, who are tired of recording the same videos and they want to try something new and different. But how could you do a duet without knowledge of video editing? Fortunately, the process is very simple, as shown in the following steps:

The first thing you need to do is open it application and then find a video with which you want to do a duet.

TikTok duet: See how you can create a duet with other videos
TikTok duet: See how you can create a duet with other videos

After finding the right video, you need to click on “Share”. After clicking, you will see the option for duet.

Selecting "duet" will show you one screen recording which will contain two parts. In the first part, you can record your own video. The second part will show the video with which you chose to do a duet. You can also use voice-over, by pressing the corresponding button.

TikTok: See how you can create a duet with other videos

Record your own video, and apply it accordingly Effects. Then select "Next".

Here, you can add various hashtags as well as tag a friend. After that, click on "Post".

So, you will upload to the platform the new duet you just created. In addition, you can select the "save to device" option, which will create a copy in your device's memory.

But what if someone chooses to create a duet using our own video while we don't want to?

All you have to do in this case is go to settings> privacy> safety, and turn off the "allow duet videos" option.


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