HomesecurityWeLeakData database for sale on the dark web

WeLeakData database for sale on the dark web

WeLeakData database for sale on the dark web

Η database of, which was one of the largest data breach forums, now available for purchase at Dark web. In addition to the countless leaks in the forum, the database also contains many conversations from various hackers who used its services.

WeLeakData's main goal was to exchange and / or sell data, as well as combolists used in several credential stuffing attacks. Thanks to the good quality and large volume of data, users preferred WeLeakData over many other similar forums.

At the end of April, however, for unknown reasons, closed. Many users consider the page administrator to have been arrested. Others users they think the page was simply sold to another administrator. However, from then until today, many are looking to buy WeLeakData's database, posting various posts on many other underground Forums on the dark web.

Recently, in a new report by Cyble, it became known that the base of the vBulletin forum of WeLeakData is now available for market in various parts of the dark web. After acquiring the database, Cyble confirmed the authenticity of the data. Like most databases, it contains names, passwords, IP addresses, and more.

Cyble also states that the data in the database can be very useful for identifying and locating various hackers, or for cyber security searches.

Note that a new page called has recently been launched, which contains the same information as WeLeakData.

A little later, Cyble added all the basics to In it, users can see if their own data has leaked and was based on WeLeakData.

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