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Delete GTA accounts from players who "steal"

Delete GTA accounts from stealing players: "Cheats" in online games are something that developers they never appreciated it. However Rockstar Games takes drastic action against players who exploited the "Casino Chip Glitch" in GTA.

Delete GTA accounts from players who "steal"

Most GTA gamers use tricks to make money in the game, which is very common. The punishment for these players was to remove all of them virtual money. This time, however, the company decided to cancel their accounts.

«Rockstar Games is in the process of restoring GTA accounts to their original state. The contact includes the characters, progress and stocks of all the players who made the "cheat". Not a simple write-off of money, a whole restart "he told her Twitter Tez2, who is in the company.

Undoubtedly, this is a severe punishment, but there are also the lucky ones whose punishment will be limited only to the write-off of money. Although the reasons for this are not yet clear, some speculation is that it may depend on breach history of each account.

It should be noted that the tactics of Rockstar Games, and the drastic measures it has taken, are an example for gaming companies.


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