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The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels

The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels: In recent years streaming gaining more and more ground as a way of having fun. The services provided by streaming content are constantly increasing, but the protagonist of this trend is youtube.

In our country, the content creators who provide live streams on their channels are growing rapidly. The topics presented to us by Greek streamers vary so much that they cover even the most demanding ones viewers. From endless gaming streams and lifestyle - fitness sessions, to unboxing presentations and comedy shows, they provide a wide range of content for your eyes alone.

Let's take a look at the top 10 Greek streamers who conquer the trending spots of youtube:


Her name is Anna Maria Velli and she made her presence felt on YouTube very quickly. Born in Athens, she always wanted to become an actress and become famous on television. In the end, she succeeded, but not through her participation in Greek series ή Movies, but through the creation of humorous videos, as a result of which she was one of the first Greek women to bring comedy to YouTube.

You can find her channel here.


The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels

Here the name of the channel says it all. KafroGamer has been appearing on Greek youtube since 2014 and includes comedy content on games to unboxing products around it Gaming. In a humorous way, the Cretan dialect is part of the gaming community and offers us endless hours of laughter.

You can find his channel here.


The dentist (hence the “dent” - dentist - in the name of his channel) Panagiotis Eftaxias, started his channel at the end of 2014 by showing us Capoeira exercises. Since then, a lot has changed and Panagiotis now gives us endless hours of gaming with doses of unique humor. The material he offers us does not stop there, however, as his great love is also vlogging where he deals with a wide variety of topics.

You can find his channel here.


The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels

A name, a story. George Manolopoulos or Manos, is one of the most famous Greek YouTubers. With his weapon, comedy, he has managed to reach viewers of all ages and proves that good humor has no signs and limits as he has not hesitated for a moment to crumple his image and show us his diffuse spontaneity.

You can find his channel here.

Jack Lope


Marios-Dionysis Floros is a graduate of journalism and is definitely the most special case on our list. Their real craftsman podcasts, likes to analyze conspiracy theories in his own unique way and never chews his words.

You can find his channel here.


The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels
The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels

A name that traveled beyond the borders of our country playing League of Legends on its well-known streaming platform Twitch. However, she did not manage to stay there for a long time, as her channel became a ban on hate speech. Now, she continues her career by streaming on YouTube with lifestyle content, but here and there she makes sure to remind us of her old art by playing league of legends and Dota 2.

You can find her channel here.



Sakis and Alexandros Karpas, two twin brothers from Aridaia, have managed to create their own technological world and have one of the most popular YouTube channels today, with many kilos of content around technology, gaming, unboxing and live streaming. Their love for what they do is obvious and their audience is with them every step of the way.

You can find their channel here.

Ioanna Touni

The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels
The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels

Ioanna became famous through the video game "My Style Rocks" and since then she has not stopped occupying social networks with her intense temperament. With her decision to pursue lifestyle issues on YouTube, she managed in less than a year to become a top in trends and gather her own audience that follows her faithfully in all SOCIAL MEDIA.

You can find her channel here.

Unboxing Specialist


Do you like technology? Have you always wanted to try that sought-after gadget from the other side of the world? We have the right person for you! The Unboxing Specialist is here to offer you his knowledge of all kinds of technological advances, always with his unique humor. A real unboxing guru in products you didn't even know existed.

You can find his channel here.


The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels
The 10 best Greek YouTubers with streaming channels

Also known as Michael Zannis, or Hayate Kirino, or PerfectBalance, or ProjectNasaska. There are many names for him, as well as the bans he has received from YouTube for violating his terms. In this case, however, the madness does not go to the mountains and because Michalis is not a "child of the institution" as he often refers to those who break his nerves, he insists on being present on YouTube by making endless gaming streams for all his fans.

You can find his channel here.


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