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Disney Plus: Useful tips and tricks for the users of the application!

Disney Plus has emerged as one of the most entertaining streaming services worldwide as it includes a huge collection of films from various film companies, such as The Marvel movies and Pixar. Indicatively, in April, the application exceeded 50 million subscribers. So, some tips and tricks have been released that will be useful to both existing users of the popular streaming service and future users.

  • Watch a playlist of your choice along with the special features

Disney Plus lets you create a playlist with all your favorites Movies of streaming service, while you have the option to select a specific order of their monitoring. This is one of the most important tips in the app that you need to know. For example, if you are a fan of Marvel movies, you will be able to watch all its movies in order. In addition, Disney's streaming service has bonus content for each movie, such as trailers, directorial comments, cut scenes, and more. You will find all this in the "Extras" section under the title of each movie.

  • Disable Disney Plus playback automatically

The streaming service plays episodes one after the other, as in the case of YouTube. However, you can turn off automatic playback if you wish. "Autoplay" exists as a default on Disney Plus in the profile section. Click on the profile icon and select Edit Profile. Then turn off "Autoplay".

  • Parental controls and "children's operation"

Parents who try to ensure that their children do not have access to adult content will be happy to learn that Disney Plus contains a "Children's Profile" in which the suggestions are completely different from those of the corresponding adult profile. Therefore, they do not need to check at any time what their child is watching. To set the profile for children, click on the profile icon and select "Edit profile". Next, select the profile in which you want to enable "child mode" and click on "Children's profile". You can also create a separate profile for your children and enable "child mode" on it.

  • Change of audio and subtitle language

You can change it language audio and subtitle language in the Disney Plus streaming service. All you have to do is play any Disney Plus movie or show, tap the rectangular icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select the language and subtitles you want. You can also disable subtitles from the same settings if you don't need them.

  • Get access to Disney Plus via VPN

In case you want to use Disney Plus before it is released in your country, one VPN can give you the solution. All you have to do is download a good VPN service, set the location to USA and sign up for the official Disney Plus website. Make sure you create a new account gmail while using VPN, as you will need it at the time of payment.

  • Buy a subscription without a US payment card

If you do not have a US payment card and are having trouble making payments, check out this Disney Plus trick. Create a new Google account using the VPN service with the location set in the US and buy a gift card Google Play. You can find Google Play gift cards at Amazon. So you can buy the Disney Plus subscription using the gift card.

The above tips and tricks of Disney Plus will be especially useful for beginners as well as for people who are in countries where the service has not yet been released.


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