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Facebook: An error affected apps for iOS such as Tik Tok and Spotify!

A critical error detected on Facebook on Wednesday affected the operation of many apps Appliances iOS, for more than three hours, according to relevant reports shared on GitHub as well as in SOCIAL MEDIA. In particular, this error affected some of the largest and most popular iOS apps on the market today. Indicatively, among the apps that were affected are the following: TikTok, Spotify, tinder, Venmo, GrubHub, Doordash, Soundcloud and Pinterest. These are just a few of the apps that have been affected by the Facebook bug.

According to a technical analysis of the error log files published on the internet, the error was detected in the development kit software Facebook (SDK) for iOS devices, a library that developers include in their apps to support functions, such as sharing, social chart and Facebook links. The developers said the Facebook SDK for iOS devices informed them servers Facebook every time a user started using an application that included the library.

The problem was that the SDK was waiting for a response from a server in a specific format, which was not provided by Facebook's servers on Wednesday. Since it did not receive the appropriate response, the Facebook SDK collapsed, affecting at the same time the operation of all applications that used it. Although Facebook has not yet made any official announcement about the incident, the company appears to have released an update code for the servers, about three hours after reports of malfunctions began to circulate on the Internet. However, due to the criticality and impact of the error, several hashtags, such as #tiktokdown and #spotifydown, were noted in Twitter on Wednesday night, while many reports were observed on GitHub as well as on HackerNews.


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