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The Simpsons predicted the corona pandemic in 1993!


The popular animated TV series The Simpsons she still gives moments of laughter to her fans even after 30 years of broadcasting. However, what is most impressive about this series is its ability to predict the future.

Except that the Simpsons had mentioned one pandemic, like the one we are experiencing now, it seems that they had predicted the arrival of the "wasp killers" from China.

In 1993, The SimpsonsMarge in Chains”(Season 4, episode 21) is related to a mysterious virus which started in Asia and arrived in Springfield. A worker in a factory Japanese, is packaged in many packages containing juicers, which have all been ordered, from Homer Simpson to Mr. Skinner.

Once Springfield residents receive their parcels, they have no idea that along with the products they ordered, they "received" and microbes! The virus is called Osaka Flu and is spreading rapidly in the small town, which is facing a frightening pandemic, which is very similar to the situation we are experiencing now.

The citizens of Springfield then invaded the hospital and as an angry mob demanded treatment, even if it is a virtual one medicine.

When they discover a truck that they believe is carrying the treatment, they attack him and then a box with the inscription “Killer Bees", Opens and releases a large swarm of deadly insects.

Although it is not the same insect that recently appeared in Washington, the fact is quite close in this case as well.

Other strange moments in the episode include the fact that the mayor of Springfield does not take the virus seriously, a riot at a political monument and Marge who feels frustrated because she had to take care of the nurse in her sick family.

In addition to the coronation, the Simpsons also predicted that the Disney would buy Fox, 20 years before it happened, as well as that o Donald Trump would one day become their president USA. Maybe it would be useful to watch the Simpsons episodes more carefully, so that we know what the future holds for us!


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