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MacBook Pro 2020: The new keyboard and upgrades

Official announcement of the new 2020-inch MacBook Pro 13 with double disc SSD and Magic keyboard which replaces it butterfly keyboard and paves the way for scissor-switch keys.

MacBook Pro 2020: The new keyboard and upgrades

The top model of the series, MacBook Pro 2020, will have 10th Intel quad-core generation CPU 16GF LPDDR4X processor and RAM. Of course, the basic version will be supported by processor 8th generation Intel Core CPU 1,8GHz with 8GB LPDDR3 RAM and will cost $ 1299.

What is worth commenting on here is that the Apple doubled the SSD, not in one, but in all models of the new MacBook Pro, which will greatly increase its capabilities.

However, what we are all looking forward to is the new keyboard. After 5 years of complaints about the unreliable butterfly keyboard, Apple has decided to replace it with the upgraded scissor-switch. In fact, in just 6 months he managed to integrate it in the whole series of new laptops, as well as in MacBook Pro 16 ' and MacBook Air 2019.

The new keyboard could not be missing touch Bar, something we're used to seeing in recent years from Apple and has replaced the classic keys on top. Also, the Thunderbolt 3 ports are connected to Apple's Pro Display XDR, with a full 6K resolution.

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