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Elementary OS: A temporary version 5.1.4 has been released

Elementary OS: a temporary version 5.1.4 has been released

After its release ubuntu 20.04, many of the operating systems based on it, are struggling to create new versions which will use as a basis the latest version of ubuntu. One of these systems is the upcoming Elementary OS 6. Until it is released, however, the manufacturers have decided to update the Elementary 5.1 'Hera' version, applying some improvements. The result is the temporary Elementary OS v5.1.4.

The new version of Elementary OS contains an updated application menu, renamed applications, improvements in system performance, as well as some new features in system settings.

What's new in Elementary OS 5.1.4?

As mentioned above, one of the changes in this version, is the renaming of the application parental control, now called "Screen Time & Limits". In addition, the application now addresses your personal account. This means that you can now set rules on your own account as you used to apply to third parties accounts of the system.

Another feature of the new version of Elementary OS is the ability to search for settings. So far, for several of them users it was very difficult to find some system settings. Now, however, the operating system support team has added the ability to search settings by name. Even if we do not know exactly how these settings are reported, the system will display all the similar results on what we are looking for.

In addition to the above changes, several new versions have also been made improvements in searching and launching applications from the application menu. In addition, the menu provides a refreshed look as well applications they now appear in a list and not in a grid.

Elementary OS: a temporary version 5.1.4 has been released

In addition, the latest version of Elementary OS addresses the following problems:

  • It does not allow the system to enter suspend mode when updating the flatpack and updating the system at the same time.
  • Window disappearance when using multiple workspaces.
  • The problem with the elements in login and lock screens.

System Installation / Update:

If you are already using Elementary OS, all you have to do to update your operating system is open AppCenter and click on "Update All". Otherwise, you can do λήψη an installation file, and then install from a bootable USB.


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