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Windows 10 loses users, macOS and Linux gain them


As his research proved NetMarketShare, several users Windows 10 decided to go to macOS and Linux.

Its Windows 10 Microsoft products, was the most popular operating system and in fact with a big difference from the rest, since 2015 when it first started. In fact, it recently managed to reach 1 billion active Appliances, a landmark he has been pursuing for the past two years.

However, it seems that the success of Windows 10 has begun to decline, since according to data, Microsoft's operating system decreased by 2%, between March and April 2020.

At the same time, its operating system Apple, macOS increased by 0,8% in the market share. However, what was surprising was the market share of Linux distributions, which increased by 1,5%, almost double that of macOS.

In addition, if we compare them data April 2019 (Windows share: 88,22%) and April 2020 (Windows share: 86,92%), a decrease of 1,3% in the last year.

Of course, Windows 10 still has the largest market share and runs on most computers in the world.

However, it should be noted that his study NetMarketShare does not represent all computers.

However, his conclusion can be supported by his study StatCounter, which shows that there is indeed a trend towards Linux and macOS operating systems, since between March and April 2020, Windows saw a decrease in their market share, while the numbers increased for macOS. However, Linux also declined, according to StatCounter.

But why do Windows lose their users?

Statistical fluctuations in terms of market share are not unexpected. However, there are some reasons that may have contributed to this reduction in the popularity of Windows 10.

Initially, one reason may be to discontinue their support Windows 7, as many users may have opted for another alternative to Windows 10.

Another reason is likely to be Windows 10 updates, which contain several bugs, resulting in many times more problems than they solve.

Microsoft hopes Windows 10 2004 will be able to bring the desired results and attract them users, so that it does not experience further reduction in the number of its users.


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