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Ten creative ideas to take unique photos

Do you like photos and are you looking for new creative ideas to showcase your talent? For those moments when you are in an artistic arena, we have made a list of creative shooting ideas that will surely impress you and offer you a spark of ingenuity.

Creative idea # 1: Pano Stitching (Brenizer method)

Panoramic images have incredible dynamism - they have the potential to immortalize an extensive space and compress it into a single image. Create high-resolution environmental portraits through the Brenizer method that highlights the themes of your choice and environment their. Receiving a panoramic wide aperture can be done with lenses that give you a shallow depth of field and greater compression in your field.

Creative idea # 2: Spray bottle

The spray bottle is a simple one tool that you would never think of using it for your photos, mainly because we all prefer to keep it equipment away from liquid elements that could be fatal. Spray some water on your lens and you can turn a boring image into a masterpiece.


  • Spray water on the desired part of the lens
  • Check the distance in the foreground by adjusting the aperture
  • Make sure your lens is clean, otherwise you may scratch it while wiping the water

Creative idea # 3: Mixed lighting

Although most photographers tend to avoid mixing lighting to avoid discolored skin tones, the result can really enhance the quality of your image when done correctly. The trick is to separate the light sources so that the temperatures do not mix.

Creative idea # 4: Long-term exhibitions

A sky full of stars as a background, is sure to impress your friends and is probably one of the easiest tricks as it requires no trick, just a little more exposure time when downloaded. These shots can be either combined with a starry night sky or if you choose to perform a single shot for a long time, you can synchronize the flash with the shutter to deliver the right lighting at the time you want.

Creative idea # 5: Broken lens

This technique is more specialized, but it creates one effects which brides will surely love. It uses a broken flashlight to let light out of the edges of your frame, creating various lighting conditions and colors.

The diaphragm does not play a role in these photos, as the lens has stopped working before use and has been disconnected from its body. camera. This gives the images a slight effect of changing their inclination.

Creative idea # 6: Tilt displacement


A tilt shift lens aims to reduce the focus level, helping you focus on many issues to capture interest at a particular point in the photo or create a sense of perspective.

Initially, it is difficult to get used to such a lens, but as with any other technique, you will become better through your mistakes. Understanding how the dining level works is the main obstacle you need to overcome.

Creative idea # 7: Intermediate download


Here is a technique that requires you to think outside the box regardless of where you are. Taking between objects can give you a variety of unique compositions, lighting conditions and perspectives.

Creative idea # 8: Atmospheric fog


A little fog can add a lot of depth and texture to a photo. Fog machines would be the ultimate tool for such a trick, however, they are often too large to be transported outdoors and cost a lot of money. But we have the solution for you, as there are spray sprays on the market that create exactly this effect.


  • Fill the tent with the desired amount of fog
  • Using a reflector (or any thin, wide object), move the fog to control the spread.

Creative idea # 9: Whip Pan


Having a lens with built-in IS (image stabilization) can create a straight line along the image. Your photos will be truly enchanting.


  • Reduce shutter speed to 0,5-1 seconds
  • Relax the tripod head
  • Press the shutter button and then quickly move in one direction
  • Synchronize your flash to center the theme of your download during it

Creative idea # 10: Reflections


By using a prism you can add unique reflections, change your composition or even add different lighting conditions. The prism It is lightweight and you can use it in any shot.


  • Put the prism in front of your lens, turn it until you find the desired composition
  • Note which photos you liked and how you kept the prism in them, so you can easily create them again.


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