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The Islamophobic posts on social media bring sanctions

Islamophobic posts on social media bring sanctions:Citizens of India and the United Arab Emirates must be treated equally in all circumstances. Discrimination is against the ethics and rules of the law. The UAE Indians should remember this " announced on April 20, the Indian Ambassador of the UAE, Pavan Kapoor, to the Indian expatriates for their provocative behavior.

The Islamophobic posts on social media bring sanctions

The warnings appear to have fallen on deaf ears as the list of Indians facing sanctions for provocative Islamophobic reports continues to grow. In fact, in the latest additions we meet chef Rawat Rohit, the seller Sachin Kinnigoli and a custodian whose identity has not been revealed.

A spokesman for the Azadea Group, which manages the Italian restaurant chain Dubai -Eataly, confirmed that Rohit had been suspended from work and was under disciplinary investigation.

Sharjah-based Pneumics Automation also said it had suspended Kinnigoli's work until he was younger. "We are committed to his salary and he was asked to don't come to work. The matter is under investigation. Our policy is to have zero tolerance. "Anyone who insults or despises someone else's religion must accept the consequences," he said.

The Security Service, Transguard, in Dubai, said she had taken strict action against her employee as it was verified that she had posted anti-Islamic content several times on his page on Facebook, through the profile “Vishal Thakur”. A Transguard spokesman said: "After the necessary investigation, the identity of the employee has now been confirmed and the security access, while our cooperation with him was interrupted. It has now been handed over to the competent authorities in Dubai. "

These new incidents came days after warnings about the strict legislation of the racist comments of former and current Indian ambassadors to the UAE.

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