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The best free PDF Readers for Mac for 2020

PDF is one of the most commonly used file types due to its compatibility with different operating systems and the fact that it maintains document formatting most of the time. PDF files are also difficult to edit, which preserves the integrity of the document, which is why most of the trusted documents are notified in PDF format.


Almost all operating systems these days have a built-in PDF reader that unlocks any PDF effortlessly. However, sometimes you may want to improve your PDF reading experience so you want to see the best options.

In such cases, you may need third-party PDF reading software with advanced features. If you are looking for the best PDF readers for Mac, we have put together some of the best possible options.

The best PDF Readers for Mac for 2020

1.Adobe Reader for Mac

What could be the most effective software for opening a PDF file from the company behind the PDF format? Adobe Reader for Mac is a very efficient and easy to use software that is available for free. You can view, print, and comment on PDF documents using this free PDF reading software. Adobe Reader for Mac also supports Adobe Document Cloud, which allows you to access your files from anywhere on different devices.

Adobe Reader offers basic tools. If you want advanced tools, including some PDF editing features, you can download Acrobat Pro DC, which is a paid PDF program.

Price: Free / Premium

2. PDFElement

If you want a feature-rich PDF reader for your macOS device, select PDFElement. This software has some powerful features such as adding text, images, links, OCR technology, text highlighting and being extremely user friendly due to its user interface. PDFElement is not just a PDF reader, it also brings some PDF editing tools that you can use to comment on PDFs or add text / images. In addition, it provides the option of password protection of PDF files.

PDFElement is the best Adobe reader alternative for Mac devices. Plus, it's a free PDF reader, so you don't have to pay to upgrade your PDF reading experience. There is also a paid version with advanced functionality that starts at $ 59,95.

Price: Free and $ 59,95 for advanced features

3. PDF reader - Document Expert

One of the highest rated apps in the App Store, PDF Reader - Document Expert, makes it easy to read, edit and sign PDF. You can comment on PDF, highlight text, add shapes and insert links into a PDF file. For PDF reading, there is a night mode, PDFs can be presented as slideshow and you can lock your files with password, Touch ID or Face ID.

It has a user-friendly interface. PDF Reader - Document Expert also allows you to view multiple PDF files as tabs for easier reading. It is a complete PDF application if you select the subscription. There is also a free trial version if you do not want to spend money on a PDF reader.

Price: Free trial, $ 4,99 / month when charged annually

4. PDF Professional

PDF Professional as the name implies is a professional PDF application for Mac devices. This software includes functions for reading, commenting, editing and converting PDF files. It is one of the best PDF readers for Mac, due to its meticulously designed user interface and plenty of PDF editing and reading tools.

You can add links, images, view and reply to comments in his comments, fill in static PDF forms and much more with this free PDF view. It also gives you the option to password protect your PDF files if you have sensitive data. PDF Professional also has a Text-to-Speech feature where you can select the text or document you want to read.

Price: Free

5. Skim

Skim is an open source PDF reader. His website says it's designed to "help you read and comment on scientific work in PDF," but it's just as useful for reading eBook.

Skim supports Spotlight, which means you can search for text directly from Spotlight. Full screen operation and note-taking as text is an important and useful feature of Skim. Its neat interface is another factor for which we have included the free PDF reader in this list.

The absence of possibilities OCR could be a solution for some, but if you want a document software just to read eBooks in PDF format, this is what we suggest. Another drawback is that the software has not been updated since 2017 and there may be security risks.

Price: Free

6. iSkysoft PDF Editor

ISkysoft PDF Editor is an excellent software for viewing and editing PDF files. It has an easy-to-use interface and a Microsoft-type ribbon interface. In the free trial, of course, you lose some features like the OCR function, you can't turn more than 5 pages into PDF and combine more than 50 files at a time, but the software is ideal for showing PDF.

ISkysoft is a paid software, but there is a free trial that could be used for reading purposes.

Price: Free trial, $ 99,95 for full version

7. Foxit PDF Reader

If you are looking for a PDF reader that is small in size but has powerful features, try Foxit PDF Reader. It is a small, fast and feature-rich PDF reader that also allows you to create, view comments and edit PDF files. The software has a smart user interface and also offers customization options for reading PDF files.

In addition, the Foxit PDF reader is one of the few PDF readers that offers features such as form filling, data import / export and integration with cloud storage options such as OneDriveThe Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

Price: Free

8. Haihaisoft PDF Reader

This is an underrated PDF reader for Mac devices specifically designed for simple PDF reading. With a file size of just 4 MB, it is much better than other heavy PDF readers for Mac. One of the key features of the Haihaisoft PDF reader is that it can open a PDF document even if it is protected by the DRM-X platform.

However, this free PDF reader does not connect to the Internet without the user's permission. This makes it a safe program if you want a PDF reader to view confidential documents.

Price: Free

Choose the best PDF reader for Mac according to your requirements!


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