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Mozilla Firefox: New service with "email aliases" for users!

Mozilla Firefox-new email service

Mozilla has launched a new email retrieval service called Firefox Private Relay. The purpose of this service is users to give "alias emails" whenever a company or service asks them to give it address of their email. This way, they will be able to avoid putting their real email address and therefore protecting it ID card their and their personal information. This new service is currently in an experimental stage and is only available as an extension browser for Firefox. In addition, users should request an invitation to site to receive it.

The internal ones functions included in this new Mozilla Firefox service do similar things to “Sign in to AppleEvery time they ask users for an email ID. However, it should be clarified that this is not one connection service. In particular, as Mozilla reports in the official σελίδα of its products, whenever a form asks users to enter their email address, instead of giving their actual address, now, in the new Mozilla Firefox service, they will be able to click the play button to give email nicknames, thus keeping their real email address confidential. The company will then forward email users from the email nickname they have given to their real ones incoming. In addition, the service will create for users a different and unique nickname each time they do enrollment on a new site. The company also points out that users will be able to delete or deactivate pseudonyms whenever they want, which is especially useful if they only visit a site to test its service, check its content or subscribe to one. newsletter. Finally, according to ZDNet, Mozilla will officially release this service sometime in 2020.

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