HomesecurityCorono: Headphones must also be thoroughly cleaned

Corono: Headphones must also be thoroughly cleaned

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends proper cleaning of personal devices as people fight pandemics. Although the directive does not include headphones and earbuds, these gadgets also require proper disinfection for safety and hygiene. However, it is quite easy to clean the headphones.


The risk of the virus

Since people are still struggling with coronary heart disease, we need to understand the dangers of going out in public with headphones.

Infectious Diseases Doctor Dr. Anne Liu of Stanford Health Care has spoken out about some of the concerns about headphones. Although there is not much data on the subject, COVID-19 can be transmitted through the ears, which are covered by the skin and do not have a direct passage to the respiratory epithelium.

The Cleveland Clinic said the colonist can live on hard surfaces such as plastic, glass and wood for three to five days. If the headphones are infected, we could get the virus by touching our face if we have not washed our hands first.

However, according to Liu, the risk of getting a corona from using headphones is not very high, depending on the circumstances.

"A more likely situation for the transmission of COVID-19 is when people are not physically at a distance, especially in indoors, but it could also be outdoors when the people "They are concentrated in one place," Liu said, adding that the risk is low if people respect social distances even outdoors.

How to clean headphones

Clinical veterinarian at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Mia Lieberman conducted a study to sterilize smartphones. Different devices have different risk factors. Since headphones and earpuds do not touch as often as a phone, they do not run the same risk.

To disinfect headphones, it is best to use alcohol or disinfectant wipes. However, Lieberman advised users to check them proposals of the manufacturer.

"Alcohol cleaning probably wouldn't do too much damage, but there are a variety of different materials out there, so people should consult the manufacturer," Lieberman said.

While specific manufacturers have a different maintenance process, a detailed guide on how to clean headphones follows.

1. Earbuds are the most sensitive part of the headphones, so careful disinfection is required. Make sure the headset is off or on (for Bluetooth). After that, clean the rubber edges, the plastic housing and the grille of the speakers with grids using different materials and methods.

2. Disconnect the removable ends of the ear before attacking their waxy accumulation. Clean the candle first, using whatever you have available that may be useful. Be careful when cleaning them. Both Bose and Beats recommend mild soap and water, while a soft cloth can be used for drying.

3. On the other hand, a soft cloth or cotton swab can be used for the outer plastic. Remember that the Apple does not recommend using soap, bleach or other cleaning solutions AirPods, but alcohol with 70% isopropyl is good. Alcohol or Clorox wipes can be used to gently clean plastic parts.

4. Finally, the speaker grill is the thinnest because it can lead to soap stains on the plastic and a speaker that doesn't work, which can affect your listening ability. Remove debris from the grill using a toothbrush or cotton with a small amount of alcohol.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Just be careful not to break them.

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