HomesecurityXiaomi justifies the collection of data from its devices

Xiaomi justifies the collection of data from its devices


Xiaomi made an announcement on its Blog in order to defend itself against the accusations against it regarding the monitoring of data browsing and their calls users her.

Security researcher Cirlig told Forbes that every time he uses his Redmi Note 8, his every move is recorded and sent to third parties servers. Among other things, the actions included in the ones that are monitored are the opening of folders, the songs that play in device, even every screen scan with the user's finger.

However, Cirlig's biggest concern was recording browser data in Xiaomi's default browser and Mint. According to him, the company is recording Google queries, the websites he visited as well as information displayed in the news stream.

The security researcher managed to prove that the recording of his data continued in Incognito mode. He also found that the same practice is followed in others smartphone of Xiaomi.

The company, for its part, said in a statement that the data Collected users are aggregate and are only used by the same for internal analysis. He also noted that users are aware of the data being collected and that they have first given their consent to it.

Xiaomi also stated that aggregate data such as system information, use of user interface functions, response and performance, cannot be used to identify an individual user. It also says that browsing data is synchronized only when h mode.

Regarding the researcher's allegations about data collection in Incognito mode, Xiaomi challenged them, saying that all that is being collected is aggregate user statistics. However, the video released by the researcher on this subject has not been fully justified.

What the company says in its post is no different from what a spokesman for Forbes said. However, although the data collected is cumulative, Cirlig argues that it includes unique numbers through which individual devices could be identified. Combined with the data from the browser, they could “easily relate to a real user behind screen».

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