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How to download Beta version of MIUI 12


The new update of its Android skin Xiaomi, MIUI 12, has been released and brings very interesting features. Among other things, moving images, significant changes in the user interface and a plethora of others functions. The update will be released for the first time Appliances, at the end of June.

The company made it possible to register for the beta program for MIUI 12, a few hours before its announcement, for a period of one day. However if you missed the opportunity to sign up for the program beta, you can still download MIUI 12 to your device.

Thanks to them developers of XDA, which have exported all the beta builds of MIUI 12, which were available on the release day, you can get them for the supported devices.

Below you can see the devices for which the MIUI 12 Closed Beta is available

  1. Notes redmi 8 Pro
  2. Redmi K20 / Mi 9T
  3. Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro
  4. Redmi Note 7 / 7S
  5. Redmi K30 5G
  6. Redmi K30 4G / Poco X2
  7. Notes redmi 7 Pro
  8. Redmi Note 5 AI / Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)
  9. My 9
  10. Mi 9 SE
  11. Mi 9 Lite
  12. We 9 Pro
  13. Mi Mix 2
  14. Mi Mix 2S
  15. Mi Mix 3
  16. My 10
  17. We 10 Pro
  18. My 8
  19. Mi 8 SE
  20. Mi 8 Lite
  21. We 8 Pro
  22. My Notes 3
  23. We are Max 3
  24. My 6
  25. My 6X
  26. My Notes 10
  27. Mi 8 Explorer Edition
  28. Mi CC9 Meitu Edition

However, you must not forget that the specific builds of MIUI 12, have been created for Chinese variants. This means that it will be difficult to install them on a device addressed to other countries in the world, but also that they will have significant shortcomings such as its absence. Google Play Store. In addition, they are likely to contain a lot defects and malfunctions.

For installation, the users they will have to use the Chinese MIUI 12 which is in Beta version. A tool like TWRP is needed for modified recovery data, which is not possible if the bootloader of the device is not unlocked. The method is similar to the one one would use to install a custom ROM on a Xiaomi phone.


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