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The 6 best text to speech applications for Android in 2020

Text to speech applications used in the past were used by visually impaired people. However, now users are using these applications to facilitate them. Typically, users use text to speech applications while traveling to listen to them news or to immediately check a new text message.

Imagine that you have returned home after spending hours on the computer and now you want to read your favorite ebook or any article without tiring your eyes. It is possible with the help of a text application in speech. Most of them are based on the Google Text To Speech application that is pre-installed on smartphone you.

Finding the best text application in speech is not that easy, as many options are available in the Google Play Store. Well, we have chosen the best applications free text in speech for you so you can make the most of them.

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1. Narrator's Voice

It is one of the best speech applications available on the Google Play Store. The application has the ability to convert text to MP3 or MP4 format. Conversion files can be shared on various social media.

The app allows your phone to read what you type. In the Narrator's Voice app, you get a lot of options language to convert the text to speech. You can also try different text voices in speech to make the exit funny.

The app includes some famous voices like voice assistant Cortana. YouTubers are using the app extensively to create videos with configured voices.

Price: The Premium version is available for $ 15.

2. Talk Free

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Are you looking for a speech application application that has a simple and user-friendly interface? Talk Free is the best for you then. This one application It can be used to read text aloud from third-party applications and also allows you to import text from the websites you use.

You can adjust the font size to the app by pressing the "Aa" button at the top of the home screen. The application also provides you with one interface to type the things you want to read aloud. The text that is inserted once in Talk Free is also saved and will appear every time you open the application.

However, at the time of the test, when the website was shared on the app, instead of the article, the app began reading other data available on website and the same happened when the application allowed direct reading of the website.

The app came in the main news after reading all the other available things. It is recommended that all users if you want this application to be read by a website, simply copy and paste the text into the application immediately.

Price: The Premium version is available for $ 2,00

3. Voice Aloud Reader

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With more than 5 million downloads on Google Play Store, Voice Aloud Reader can be considered the most convenient speech text application. The application supports various text formats such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, PDF EPUB, AZW, DOC, FB2 ebooks, PRC, OpenOffice Documents and AZW.

You can also increase or decrease the narration or playback speed in the application. The most interesting thing about it application is that it comes with night mode and sleep timer.

The night mode helps reduce screen reflection and the sleep timer can help you set a time period after which the app will stop automatically.

Price: Free

4. Pocket

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If you are in the habit of storing articles to read later, the Pocket app should be the app you need to use. You can simply share the articles with the application to save them. The Pocket app will also read articles about you whenever you want to do so.

All you have to do is tap the headset icon at the top of the home screen and the app will start reading the article for you. The only thing about the app is that it shows many articles from different publishers depending on the user's interest.

Most of the articles in Pocket belonged to National Geographic, The Verge, Harvard Business Review and many other options.

Price: The Premium version is available for $ 5 per month and $ 45 per year

5. T2S

If you are looking for a more attractive and modern interface, T2S may be the best choice for you. The T2S application comes with a built-in program web browser, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Allows the user to access websites without any hassle of copying, pasting or sharing the link.

Another important feature of the application is copying for pronunciation. Under this function, a pop-up button appears on the screen. Each time you copy text from any other application and press the talk button, it will immediately start reading the text. T2S also allows you to share stored audio with other people.

The application also comes with a compatibility feature that can be activated by the settings if the application does not display the required notifications. Its only drawback application is that it takes a long time to open an external file PDF or any external file.

Price: The Premium version is available for $ 2,00

6. TTS Reader

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Librera's TTS Reader app can be a great solution for all text to speech conversion requirements. The application is compatible with headphones BlueTooth and you can synchronize it Google Drive with the application to allow it to access important files and read strong text for you.

The TTS Reader app also features night operation and categorizes the content available on different tabs, such as Library, Folder, Favorites, Network, Preferences and Bookmarks.

You can save the audio in WAV file format and share the web pages to let the app read aloud to you. TTS Reader is one of the most customizable text to speech programs available on the list.

Price: The premium version of the TTS Reader Pro is available in the Google Play Store for $ 3,49

Best Text To Speech applications for you

The aforementioned speech applications can read strong text from the relevant documents, the current news in case of emergency and can also read your favorite ebook for you.

All the applications listed in the list have a simple but attractive user interface. They are fully tested so that you can choose the most suitable text to speech application according to your preferences.


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