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Find your lost devices and objects with XFinity X1

Comcast first collaborated with her Tile in 2018, to help users of XFinity X1, a voice-controlled remote control, find any lost object connected to it, and see its location on their TV screen. A new feature is being added today that will make it easier to find items such as your wallet or mobile phone, when they are close by.

Find lost devices and objects with XFinity X1

As the company announced today, the XFinity X1 now has the ability to "sound" Tile devices, so that they can be detected faster. All you need to say to your remote control is, for example, "Xfinity Home, where is my wallet", and the Tile device on it will start ringing. Of course, any Tile equipment will continue to appear on the screen with the latest known location of. Of course, in order for all this to work, what you are looking for must be close by.

For those who don't know, a Tile device is essentially one Bluetooth-enabled tracker which can be connected to anything, so that it can be detected in case of loss. However, if the object you are looking for is outside the scope of Bluetooth, it will be more difficult to search for it.

However, the devices will now be able to connect to XFi Gateways as well as X1 and Flex decoders, to find objects using application. You can download XFinity Home at App Store or Play Store for greater convenience.


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