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Home security Netflix down: Users reported a problem running the site

Netflix down: Users reported a problem running the site


It was out of order Netflix, with users to look at screen their message “something went wrong”. The problem seems to have affected Only the website of streaming service and on their own users in Europe.


But this problem comes at a critical time Internet, as more and more users turn to streaming platforms, such as Netflix, to spend their time happily during quarantine.

Netflix users have started complaining about the display of a message on the screen saying "something went wrong". Along with that, other messages appeared. In most cases, the error occurred "NSES-504", which shows that the Netflix site has connection problems.

The company's official customer service account asked users to renew (refresh) the browser their and said that this would make the site work normally.

Netflix generally runs a server status page, entitled "Is Netflix down?". However, since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, the site has reported that employees in the company's customer service sector must work harder than usual to meet their needs. users. He also stressed that there may be some delays.

Netflix, like most Companies around the world, it has faced several problems due to it coronavirus. Many productions have stopped, some programs are postponed, employees and technical staff are forced to work from home. The company said last week that it would try to limit the new features (which are in an experimental stage) due to the situation and focus on other useful ones. data for users.

On the other hand, he announced one huge increase in the number of subscribers although he said the increase is likely to be temporary because of it quarantine. When the quarantine, a reduction in subscribers is expected.


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