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Error in Antivirus programs allows you to disable them


A simple defect security, which is present in 28 Antivirus programs, can allow malicious agents to exploit a system and disable the virus protection program.

The error is abusive directory junctions in Windows and symlinks in MacOS and Linux.

An intruder will not need administrator privileges to exploit an Antivirus program on a Windows operating system.

Basically, the way an Antivirus works is to get high privileges for scanning all the files and directories of a device, to find unknown and malicious files, so that it can move them to an isolated environment.

Due to its nature, Antivirus paves the way for different ones holdings to malicious agents, who eventually manage to gain high privileges in one system.

The process of exploiting this vulnerability is relatively simple, especially for an experienced one hacker. However, in order to be successful, it must be done at the right time. If the intruder manages to find the exact moment to carry out the attack, then he can gain access to the system.

Windows operation

Security researchers took advantage of the vulnerability in McAfee Endpoint Security for Windows and managed to delete the file EpSecApiLib.dll, as shown in the video below.

Exploitation macOS & Linux

The researchers also tried to take advantage of the vulnerability in the Antivirus program Norton Internet Security for macOS and downloaded it EICAR test-string by Pastebin to bypass real-time protection, which prevents the test-string from being taken from Norton's official website.

While taking the test string from Pastebin, Antivirus immediately spotted the process as malware and tried to stop it.

The researchers were able to take advantage of Antivirus programs on Linux and were able to delete important files.

All affected Antivirus suppliers have been updated and almost all have already fixed this error in their products.

The users it is recommended that they immediately install the latest Antivirus program update they are using.


  1. Very good. Of course, so that we are not completely unjust. If the DLL was in use or at least if it was linked as a reference to the EIA while the AV is running, the researchers could not do anything. In practice, this attack will fail if, for example, someone tries to turn off EXE or stop it. That would be a real attack and vulnerability of the AV and not a consequence of the operation of Windows FS or Mac as in this case.


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