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Microsoft Word: Error using two spaces between sentences

Η Microsoft has issued a typographic decree, according to which the use of two spaces is meaningless, as two gaps between the sentences are too many. So, selecting this format will soon be highlighted as an error in Microsoft Word. In this way, the "ugly blue zigzag lines" will appear on them users pressing the space bar (space) twice after a period.

The change, which was first observed by him Alan Chen, a law professor at the University of Denver, and was reported by technology magazine The Verge, is gradually being released throughout Microsoft Word. This means that some users may not have noticed it yet, in case they haven't updated it software their.

The habit of using two spaces began to be observed from the time of the typewriters, during which the typists they pressed the space bar twice to more clearly define the end of a sentence. At that time, there was only one font, while characters they were "one-sided", which meant they occupied the same space on the page. Today, however, most fonts adjust the width of the characters so that the sentences are more readable.

Few formatting guides recommend using two intervals after a period. In particular, the APA Style, the Chicago Manual of Style and the AP & US Government Printing Office Style Manual is a gap between sentences. Using two spaces has few benefits, other than taking up more space in one σελίδα. If someone can't get used to using a space, they can do the following: When Microsoft Word points to two spaces as an error, the user can right-click to see their options. It may also ask Word to ignore this issue when it reappears or see any grammatical issues that the software will highlight and then remove the gaps from their list. errors.


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