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Huawei could lead the Chinese police

While Huawei categorically denies that it is controlled by the Chinese government, China is willing to defend it in any way it can.

Police arrested five of its former employees in December 2018 in a conversation with WeChat spoke of violations against Iran. While there is no tangible evidence, the statement of one of the five hinting that Huawei sold to Iran was enough to make arrests, according to New York Times.

The arrest of former employee Li Hongyuan sparked outrage among the Chinese population, raising concerns about whether he had been fired for "revenge". Huawei, of course, said the reason was illegal activity and not mere labor disputes. The new allegations show that she is capable not only of monitoring the conversations of her former employees but also of taking advantage of the legal protection of the authorities to silence them.

Huawei could lead the Chinese police

Unsurprisingly, Huawei could lead the police. With a huge presence in China, dominates the mobile phone market and has a great influence on parts of the country's technology industry. This justifies the willingness of the authorities to protect it, since if Li and the others proved that the company "broke" the sanctions, there would be serious consequences for the whole country.