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VW acknowledges Tesla's lead in software and autonomous driving


Chief Executive Officer Volkswagen (VW), Hebert Diess, admitted that the Tesla has important lead in terms of software used in the autonomous driving program. This information leaked from internal conversations between Diess and his associates.

The company led the way over-the-air software updates in the automotive industry.

Initially, it was said that this feature is reminiscent of smartphone and allows a better "user experience" in the car.

However, the use of over-the-air software updates by Tesla has evolved and is now at the heart of the automotive industry's attempt to achieve a complete self-driving system.

Volkswagen acknowledges this, and its CEO, Hebert Diess, seems to be starting to "worry".

The German magazine "Automotive Week”Took place some internal conversations that took place at Volkswagen. In these, it is said that the CEO referred to software of Tesla and admitted that it is better than their own and “any other carmaker”.

In internal conversations, Diess says Tesla's lead is a "headache."

He acknowledged that customers are happy with Tesla's software and features, such as using the phone to control the vehicle and "building" its experience. user around a central screen inside the car.

But what worries VW's CEO the most is the use of Tesla software in the Autopilot program:

"What worries me the most is the capabilities of the assistance systems. 500.000 Teslas operate as a constantly collecting neural network data and provides the customer with a new driving experience, every 14 days with improved features. No other carmaker can do that. "

Diess also said that, unlike most automakers, and Companies Autonomous technology, Tesla is not only based on internal tests or simulations for the collection data for the Autopilot program.


Tesla utilizes the large fleet of electric vehicles available (equipped with sensors) in order to collect data and improve its features.

The CEO of VW says that his company is trying to bring new features to compete with Tesla.

VW has already created a lot characteristics software for her new electric car ID3, which are similar to those in Tesla vehicles. However, the company is facing "huge" software problems in the new electric car.

In the leaked conversations, Diess presented the company's executives with a chart showing Tesla's superiority over other automakers.

The CEO acknowledged that they still have a long way to go to reach Tesla.

Hebert Diess has spoken in the past about Tesla's lead, but not as openly as in these internal conversations with partners. In the past, he was more optimistic about VW's ability to catch up with its rival.

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