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Home business OTE Group: Technology project in Finland for the European Organization for Chemical Products

OTE Group: Technology project in Finland for the European Organization for Chemical Products

OTE Group: The OTE Group has been selected through an open tender by the European Organization for Chemical Products (ECHA), for the provision, management and support of IT equipment (IT equipment for workplace), at its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

The two-year project, with the possibility of expansion for another two years, concerns the supply, installation, management and technical support of the required equipment and office software for all users of the EU organization. for chemicals. This is a complete IT office equipment solution that is implemented and provided entirely by the OTE Group as a service (as-a-service), ensuring for the customer more efficient and effective operation, without investment costs in logistical equipment and support staff.

In this context, specialized engineers from the OTE Group will provide ECHA executives, both with physical presence at the ECHA facilities and remotely from the OTE Group facilities in Athens, IT user support services of the second level, as well as first level additional in the services provided by the ICT Helpdesk of ECHA.

The ICT Sales Manager of OTE Group, Mr. Lykourgos Antonopoulos, stated: “The assignment to the OTE Group of another project by a European Organization, confirms our position in the market as a reliable partner inside and outside Greek borders, with high know-how and experience in providing specialized technological solutions. Faithful to our commitment, with technology to make a world better for everyone, we stand by each side business and an organization, public or private, that wants to move into the new digital age. "

Having implemented large and complex ICT projects, OTE Group has the special weight and know-how to lead every business and organization in the new digital age. The Group specializes in providing integrated ICT solutions for health, tourism, IT infrastructure, data centers, cybersecurity, the cloud and Internet of Things.

OTE Group: Technology project in Finland for the European Organization for Chemical Products

O European Organization for Chemicals (ECHA) is the body of the European Union, responsible for the implementation of its regulations regarding the registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction of chemical products. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, ECHA promotes the safe use of chemicals, helps companies comply with the law and is the driving force behind regulatory application of European legislation on chemical products for the benefit of humankind. health and the environment. The organization was founded in 2007, supports and has a presence in 28 member states EU. and employs more than 600 people.


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