HomesecurityNew Zoom Phishing campaign threatens dismissed employees

New Zoom Phishing campaign threatens dismissed employees


Security researchers have discovered a new phishing campaign that uses it Zoom to invite employees to an alleged conference, informing them that their contract with their company will be suspended or terminated.

Victims receive a fake link, which leads to a built-in Zoom website, which asks users to enter credentials connection their.

As you probably know, Zoom is one of the most popular teleconferencing platforms, with additional features such as online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration.

New Phishing campaign

More than 50.000 company employees have fallen so far victims of this new Phishing campaign, as discovered by its security researchers Abnormal Security. The campaign is mainly aimed at employees using Office 365.

The email received by the recipients, contains the link "zoom-emergency.myftp [.] Org" which leads to a fake website, as well as the domain e-fishing hidden in an option like "Join this live meeting".

Once the victim enters the login credentials, they will be sent to the fake Zoom server controlled by them. hacker.

The email serves as a warning that the employee's contract will be terminated, in order to create panic and so the victim is surprised and hurriedly puts his credentials to participate in the teleconference, without paying much attention to the website.

"Users who use Zoom frequently will see the login page, believe that their session is over, and try to reconnect. They will be more likely to enter their connection credentials without noticing that it is an electronic fishing page. "

The incident comes just days after the discovery of a Zoom vulnerability, which allowed a hacker to record sessions on the platform, as well as conversations, without the participants knowing, even if the organizer of the conference turned off the registration option for the participants.

The Criminals of cyberspace continue to use the pandemic to launch various attacks malware, electronic fishing, scams and misinformation campaigns. As the situation has developed, most workers are now working from home, using platforms such as Zoom, resulting in increased attacks on them.

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