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Microsoft Edge: Coming soon with new features and improvements!

Η Microsoft products plans to add new features and improvements to Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, which is available to consumers and businesses from January to stand out from Google Chrome. New features and enhancements include a built-in QR code generator, "Collections" and built-in Windows 10 and network domains. Some of the new features now coming to Microsoft Edge are already available Canary publications.

Synchronization of extensions

As Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium browser, it can install not only browser extensions designed for Edge, but also extensions created for Chrome. Thus, Microsoft Edge has a wide variety of user-friendly extensions available. For those who use a lot of extensions, synchronizing them between different devices will be very useful. In this way, Microsoft is making it possible to sync extensions so that the extensions used by users are synchronized on all devices on which they are connected. account.

Collection Features

Microsoft Edge has a unique feature called Collections, which allows users to collect and compare types of purchases, collect and combine information from platforms such as Wikipedia , as well as to gather the information of an event or a research in a special table for future reference.

In the next version, Microsoft will add some improvements to this feature, allowing users to save all their open tabs to a new or existing collection. They will then be able to reopen all these tabs from another device to which they are connected.

Other small improvements

Microsoft is also testing a number of minor improvements, including a new user-friendly interface when browsing full-screen mode, so users can quickly access the tabs. Improvements will also be made to the reading program PDF, so that administrators can more easily handle the browser.

Create QR codes

Microsoft is working on a trial QR code generator for Edge that will allow users to easily share sites by scanning a QR code. In Canary versions, the QR code generator is available as a test flag that users must manually activate from // flags “# sharing-qr-code-generator 'flag. They can do this by going to // flags and searching for “QR”. Once enabled, Edge will display a "QR code" icon in the address bar, which users can click to create the code. Users will start to see the new features in the stable version of Edge 84 and later. If anyone wants to try these features, they need to download Edge Canary or Beta.

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