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Ping Command: can detect operating systems


Ping is a computer program management software utility that is used to find the availability of a central computer on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. And now it seems functionally systems in one network, can be detected using Ping Command.

The function of Ping is based on sending ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) Echo Request packages to a central computer destination and waiting for ICMP Echo Reply messages.

TTL values ​​are the ones that determine how long a resolution program will temporarily store a DNS query before it expires and another needs to be done.

These TTL values ​​are different for each operating system so they can help locate them through Ping Command. You can see the various TTL values ​​for operating systems here.

How can operating systems be detected via Ping Command?

The traceroute command must first be executed to determine the hops between the target and the destination, as shown in the example below:

In this case, the total number of hops is 11

Then run Ping Command with the desired Domain:

Here we see that the TTL value is TTL = 53. Finding the sum of the TTL value and the number of hops (53 + 11 = 64), we can understand what the operating system is. In this case it is a running machine Linux. This is the process by which operating systems can be detected using Ping Command.


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