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Recycling tips for old computers and other electronic devices

You've probably seen old TVs and electronics on the street and wondered if you should do anything else with them. But what; Maybe it's a good time to look for a recycling program. According to the Department of Energy, Americans throw away 255.000 tons of computers each year. That sounds like a lot, but David Ayers of Earth Day Network says it's not much like total rubbish.

David Ayer said, "Put about 2% of the total volume in the landfill, but they also find that it represents about two-thirds of all heavy metals and toxic waste."

Computers and other electronics are full of toxic metals, such as lead, mercury and chromium, which are extremely dangerous.

"If these chemicals are not treated properly, they can cause drastic health problems, such as kidney problems, cardiovascular damage, liver damage," Ayer said.

So what can you do (if you live in one of the countries you offer as an option)? Best Buy has a recycling program and accepts small ones electronics in their stores and for $ 25 will send a truck to your home to transport them. But this program has been temporarily suspended due to the pandemic of coronaio.

The best way to reduce the amount of e-waste is to ensure that your electronic devices last longer. The computers they can have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years if you do specific things. The cleaning part is very important - clean the dusty filters. Any dust turns into dirt and can eventually damage the inside of the device.

Watch the updates from Apple and Microsoft and use antivirus software and malware.

Look for recycling centers near you. Most are closed now, so you may need to keep them a little longer. But if you can live with a slow computer for an extra year, you will save money and help the environment.

Many of them mobile phone providers recycle smartphone and tablet and exchange them for gift cards or discounts on new phones. Look for your options!


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