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Home security IOS devices fall victim to text bombing

IOS devices fall victim to text bombing


In accordance with MacRumors, a new error that includes the emoji of the Italian flag and some characters of the Cindy language, may cause problems in the operation of the devices iOS, when sent in the form of text bombing.

It's a error which is related to characters and is not something new for her Apple.

The error could affect almost all Apple devices, including iPhone, MacBooks, Apple Watches and Apple TV. However, devices running iOS seem to be having more problems right now.

According to a post on Reddit, the Telegram direct messaging app was the one that initially showed the error. Unfortunately, it was not long before other popular applications followed, such as Twitter, WhatsApp and iMessage.

A Twitter user named EverythingApplePro posted a video showing that the error could work without the use of the Italian flag's emoji and cause a serious malfunction in one device.

If you own an iPhone and receive such a message, there is a good chance that your device will stop working and restart.

In the past, there have been other such errors Appliances Apple, such as the infamous "Telugu" that caused devices to malfunction in a similar way.

The biggest problem with these errors is that there is no way to prevent the device from malfunctioning unless there is one. repair for them. Apple is expected to release a software update to fix the error. Until then, we recommend that our users do not open notifications with such characters.


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