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Xiaomi MIUI 12: New features you will love

The official release date of Xiaomi MIUI 12. Announced - On April 27, the Xiaomi will conduct an online event via live broadcast starting at 9:00 a.m. Greek time zone.

The new features of Xiaomi MIUI 12 that you will love

After the confirmation of the designer of Xiaomi MIUI 12 for a more uniform design, revealed, in a post Chinese company, some additional features of the new model.

Dark Mode 2.0

According to the manufacturers, this upgrade offers a more advanced one dark operation.

Dimming Wallpaper

As we can see from the name, this is a feature that gradually weakens the wallpaper. In other words, the color of the image darkens and slowly "fades". Of course, there is no information on whether this filter can be used in other images or only for Xiaomi MIUI 12 default wallpapers.

The new features of Xiaomi MIUI 12 that you will love

Font Changes

The new dark mode will automatically adjust the size of the text. Essentially this feature involves changes to the font, such as white reduction or blurring. In addition, it will be possible to reduce the intensity depending on the brightness that will be set by o user. These options will make it much easier to read in the dark or low light.

Earlier leaks also suggested changes to the Xiaomi MIUI 12 application settings, such as a new page refresh rate, and a modification to its time settings. screen.

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