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Home security Why is ransomware the most common online threat?

Why is ransomware the most common online threat?


The ransomware attacks have now become more common than credit card theft incidents, as cybercriminals try to earn the highest financial reward with the least effort.

The security company Trustwave analyzed more than 1 trillion cases security in the last year and hundreds of violations data and found that ransomware attacks are the most common threat.

Almost one in five cases security, in 2019, were linked to ransomware attacks. The victims had found part or all of their environment encrypted with ransomware. They were then asked for money in order to regain it access in systems their.

The number of ransomware attacks quadrupled compared to the previous year, exceeding the number of credit card thefts and financial violations data.  

Why is ransomware the most common threat?

One of the reasons why hackers prefer these attacks, it's the a large percentage of their success. Many organizations choose to pay the ransom, believing that it is the fastest and easiest way to recover data their. However, security experts stress that the victims they do not have to pay the ransom.

Usually the amounts are six digits and because the transfer is done in Bitcoin, it is relatively simple for criminals to "launder money" without being noticed.

Another reason that ransomware attacks have grown so much, it's because cybercriminals consider it to be simpler and faster way to make money from broken networks.

With ransomware, intruders can lock the whole thing network of an organization and demand money (often bitcoin) to give the decryption key.

All you need is installing ransomware and sending a note about the ransom. There are other simple methods of attack (eg to steal financial data). However, some additional procedures are needed. The intruders must enter a network, stay for a long time and steal information without being detected.

All this takes time. In addition, criminals must spend more time and make other attacks to make money using the stolen items. data.

The ransomware can offer hundreds of thousands of dollars to them hackers with one move. That's why it's so popular.

Another factor that enhances ransomware is the fact that they are not based on the user-victim reaction. The malware and Phishing Attacks are often based on opening or downloading a malicious file. The ransomware is able to take advantage of internet-facing ports and Remote Desktop Protocol to penetrate and spread across the network without the user's participation.

However, despite the high chances of success, you can defend yourself. If the organisms regularly update and protect their networks, so that there are no vulnerabilities, the chances of infection with ransomware or other malware are reduced.

Ο multi-factor authentication should also be applied to the entire network so that there is an additional barrier.

Finally, organizations need to create backups for all important data and store it in places offline, so even if the ransomware attack be successful, have the data and don't have to pay the ransom.


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