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The best email hosting providers (email hosting) of 2020

Email hosting services (email hosting providers) are similar to web hosting services. Getting an email account is an easy process - sign up for an ISP, sign up through Google and buy a web hosting account. The problem is that free and standard service packages do not always offer the quality that professional users need.

Email hosting packages are an easy way to get more efficient and reliable services. What is included in these packages depends on the provider, but you may receive support for larger attachments (up to 50MB), 50 GB or more of storage space for your inbox. in cloud storage for easy file sharing, applications such as Microsoft Office online, Exchange support and Active Directory for professionals - and clearly 24/7 support if something goes wrong.

Your email will work under your custom domain address ( and is usually simple to set up. You can use an email hosting package to effectively replace your web host's corresponding service or you can try it without having any hosting services at all.

With quality services that cost less than $ 1 per month and free testing, it's easy for everyone to find the package that suits their needs. Whether you are looking for an individual account or want to cover your entire business, here are five great providers worth taking a look at.

1. Bluehost email hosting

The best email hosting providers (email hosting) of 2020

If you are a small business with a small number of staff and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on email accounts, then you have succeeded. Bluehost, owned by EIG, provides an exclusive professional email package where you receive unlimited email accounts and email storage for just $ 2,75 if you pay for three years. But is this package really unlimited?

Bluehost says it does not impose official restrictions. In addition, they add that “while creating email accounts is unlimited, they rely on the file storage space available in the account. Therefore, customers must comply with the Terms of Service in order to ensure that the resources available for full activation of e-mail functionality are available. Customers who operate under the Terms of Service have not encountered technical limits for email or websites. "

What is the trap here? You can use the POP3 and IMAP4 protocols with 24/7 support, but again they are very basic as options. It would be good to choose between the following webmail applications (the equivalent of or its Horde, Roundcube or Squirrelmail.

Of course, you can configure an email client like Mail for Windows 10 or the Mozilla Thunderbird to read your emails offline. Creating a new email address is very easy thanks to the simple user interface.

2. Rackspace email hosting

The best email hosting providers (email hosting) of 2020

Texas-based cloud computing giant Rackspace has plenty of hosting services for professional email for all levels of users.

Even the basic service package is extremely useful, with 25 GB mailboxes, unwanted message and virus filters and is accessible via Outlook, webmail or smartphones. Mailboxes are available for $ 2,99 per month with at least four boxes per order, but there are no long-term contracts, only monthly bills that you can cancel whenever you want.

The next in a series package called Plus offers 30 GB of cloud storage, ActiveSync support, applications compatible with Office and instant messaging for $ 3,99 a month.

An expandable Plus account adds unlimited storage space through archiving. This can be convenient if you think the 25 GB in your inbox is too little, but you're not sure if it's really worth the $ 6,99 price tag.

The most demanding users can check the Rackspace Hosted Exchange 2016 packages. Features include an inbox with 100 GB of space and support for 50MB attachments, with the starting price reaching $ 10,99 per mailbox per month.

3. Fasthosts email hosting

email hosting

Email hosting may seem expensive, and this is largely due to the fact that large companies are competing to offer the largest amounts of inbound and outbound storage. This is great if it's something you need, but it's not good for users looking for simpler solutions.

Fasthosts Standard Email is an email hosting program that offers the essentials at a very low price.

Registering for this provides you with two email addresses with mailboxes 2 x 2 GB. You will also receive one antivirus, operation via POP3 and IMAP4, 24/7 support and webmail access. It sounds limited as a package, but look at its price: just $ 2,60 a month for the annual program.

Fasthosts also offers an Exchange Email package with inbox 50 GB capacity, access through the Outlook app and even a free domain for the first year. It is priced at $ 5,8 per month for 5 or more users under the annual contract. You can also choose a 100 GB inbox for $ 13.

4. Office 365

The best email hosting providers (email hosting) of 2020

The Microsoft Office 365 is not just a powerful suite of productivity applications. It also provides a very capable email package and with less money than some providers only charge for email, which could make the service worth a place on your list.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials offers support for 150MB attachments, which is three times the size allowed even by some competitors with premium packages. 50 GB of storage per user (and with a custom domain email address) means that you will be able to keep your messages for a very long time. There is also 1TB available storage on your OneDrive account.

Accessing Office Online allows you to work with Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint documents from your browser and there is a whole range of business-friendly add-ons: calendars, web conferencing, smart search, workflow automation and more.

If you don't already have Office 365, the price of the Business Essentials package is $ 5 per month (for an annual fee). However, if you are only interested in professional email, Microsoft's Exchange Online Plan 1 provides Exchange accounts with $ 4 per user per month in the annual program.

5. Zoho Mail

zoho mail

Zoho Mail is an email hosting service with a grouped online office suite and many other add-ons. Several of the newer features introduced by Zoho Mail are: offline mode, mail cancellation, mail recall, huge attachments (up to 250MB) and more.

A free package provides you with five mailboxes with 5 GB per user, a 20 MB attachment limit and access to webmail service. If this package looks very basic, the standard program provides IMAP and POP support, 30MB and 30 GB storage attachments, 5 GB file storage and support for working on multiple domains. This is a very good package compared to some of the competing premium packages, and includes the same productivity tools as the free suite, but still costs only $ 3 per user per month, while being charged annually.

Zoho's Professional program offers 100 GB of storage (per user), 40 MB attachments, support for Active Directory groups and you can get it for $ 6 per user per month (charged annually). Also, the Lite app is available with fewer features, but it only costs $ 1 per user per month at an annual fee.


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