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OnePlus 8: Screen color problems

OnePlus 8: There were color problems on the screens

Lately, in Internet There are endless criticisms of the Chinese company OnePlus for its recent OnePlus 8 devices. More specifically, several of them users they have many complaints about the operation of their devices, as they also report problems with their screens.

The mobiles from series The OnePlus 8 comes with a 6.78-inch QHD AMOLED display. The refresh rate of the image is 120Hz, while the brightness is set at 1,300 nits. The company also says that the devices in this series are the first with 10-bit screens and can display more than a billion colors.

In reality, however, the high screen features seem to lead to many problems, as users now notice various errors such as green and black screen. Specifically, the user "youpie123" in the subreddit of OnePlus reported that the screen of his device turns green when the brightness is reduced.

At the same time, another user mentioned a similar issue in the official forum of OnePlus, explaining that when the screen is at 120Hz and the brightness is from 5% to 15%, dark applications have inconsistent coloring. However, when the frequency the screen is reduced to 60Hz, the problem ceases to exist.

Details on the problems that have been observed so far, you can find in this reddit post. Many users also report that the problems disappear when they activate the "DC Dimming" service, which proves that the problems are due to software and not hardware.

Recently, the company announced that it is working non-stop to correct the above problems. But apart from OnePlus, however Samsung It will also need to find a solution for the S20 Ultra series, as the devices use the same screens and similar problems have already been reported.

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