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Home security Italian activists hackers in battle against mockery

Italian activists hackers in battle against mockery

Italian activist hackers have taken an incredible initiative to help people fighting against coronary heart disease see their families.

Severe coronary heart disease patients in the ICU Italian hospital in Lombardy asked to contact their families and the hospital administration appealed for devices technology, with which patients could see and talk to their loved ones. Thus, Italian hackers undertook to collect tablets through an electronic platform they created.

The platform, called, was created by a team of 30 civic hackers, or activist developers, to help fight the monster. The team is called "emergenzeHack" and its members joined forces for the first time for a similar initiative in 2016 that provided support to those affected by the deadly earthquake in Italy.

Shortly after the earthquakes, the same team of "emergenzeHack" created another information platform for fires in the forests of Italy, and recently decided to support the Italians in the battle with the coronaio. Thus, the "emergenzeHack" created the platform "", with the support of the Italian ActionAid, on the day that the government announced the lockdown, in order to link the needs of citizens and agencies with the offers of companies and organizations.

hackers mockery

The example of concentration tablets for an Italian hospital is not the only one successful from the operation of the platform. A children's hospitality structure has been set up in Milan, both parents of which are hospitalized with coronary heart disease, and the platform has linked the structure to volunteers who will creatively employ children, as well as donors of clothes, toys, books and other necessary children's items. . Also, in the city of Jesse in central Italy, 20 computers were collected that were donated by individuals to be given to families without a computer, in order for their children to have access to remote education. In fact, a relevant donation is expected to be made by Amazon.

In addition to calls for items, some of the information users of the platform search for daily is for restaurants that send food home, for psychological support initiatives and for fake news about the coronaio. All information is filtered and approved by a supervisory team before being posted to ensure its validity.

Following the creation of the Italian platform, the team of "emergenzeHack" decided to provide support to the Greek and Portuguese ActionAid for the adaptation of the site to the data of the two countries. For a few days now, the Greek website "»Is accessible to the public, with the aim of being a Greek participatory information platform for the coronation pandemic.

Volunteers behind the "" platform collect and cross-reference the information here before publishing it. They are looking for solidarity initiatives, volunteer groups and hackers who are active during the battle with the mocker, agencies that provide psychological support, announcements and public services, pharmacies, grocery stores and other companies that make home-based distributions, to agencies that need or offer kind or in money. A number of useful links for home activities during the quarantine period are also provided.

Like the Italian one, the corresponding Greek initiative is based on open source technologies and is open to those who want to participate. All information is posted based on their category and geographical location on a participating map.


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